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Build A Website Like A 



Creating and building a website that actually PERFORMS, goes way beyond just dragging and dropping layout templates.

If you are not creating your website with the right target audience in mind, design, proper structure and flow... then your website will not perform as highly as you want it to!


Let me teach you HOW to build not only a stunning website like a PRO, but a website that will also drive results for your business!


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the course


Business Mindset & Motivation 

Discovering Your Ideal Client

SEO Planning

Website Content Creation & Structure

Setting Up Your Web Host

Purchasing Your Domain

Website Editor & Building Step by Step for EVERYTHING

SEO Set Up

Content Creation


Website Marketing Tips

Extra Website Features

Google MyBusiness

You also have me to contact and help you if you get stuck!

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What You Can Expect...

By the end of the course, you will have successfully created and published your OWN website that not only looks great with a flow and structure that is proven to help convert, but a website that is built to perform and drive sales!

You will also walk away from this course with: 

  • A new business mindset

  • Resources for marketing and business growth,

  • Knowledge of web design, content creation, SEO & more!

Your Course Packet

Included in this course, is an entire packet with templates, worksheets, reminders and notes sections to assist you in following the course + resources to refer back to in your business journey!

© HM Digital Design




Templates, worksheets, resources, mindset coaching, business coaching & marketing tips to help you outside this course and throughout your business journey

 A DIY, self-paced course WITH ability to reach out to and get assistance and advice from a professional website designer you're not alone!


Step by step walk through on building your website from top to bottom! Layout, content, SEO, forms, domain... EVERYTHING

Course Cover copy 2.png


Are you dedicated to your business?

Yes - Great! This is important in order to make it through this course!

No - This course may not be a good fit for you

Do you want to see your business grow?

Yes - This course will help you do just that!

No - This course is not going to be beneficial to you

Are you willing to put in time to go through this course in order to build a performing website?

Yes - Great! This course does take some time to go through in order to learn everything you need to grow your business!

No - This is not the right course for you

Does your business offer products or services?

Products - This course is built for service based businesses BUT the same rules apply to you too! I just do not go into detail about listing products in an online shop. But you can still get a lot of benefit out of this course!

Services - this is the PERFECT course for you!

Do you have any knowledge of website design?

Yes - Great! You will still learn a lot from this course to add to your current knowledge! You're a step ahead in the game and this course will be really helpful to you!

No - No worries! I go over all details and everything you need to know... plus I am here to reach out to for help during this course!

Are you ready to manifest your dream business?!


No - This course is not a good fit for you but I wish you the best luck on your business journey!

Ready to get started?

Lets to get started building your website so you can get your business thriving!



Disclosures & Important Information

This course was created by Holly Michelle, owner of HM Digital Design.

This course takes you through the same kind of process I go through when I create websites for my clients.

This course is not affiliated with Wix.

All material created and provided in this course, including but limited to, documents, videos, attachments and images(aside from GIF images) are all copyrighted to HM Digital Design and are not authorized to be used or reproduced outside of the purpose of this course.

Methods used in this course have been carefully chosen and researched based upon personal experience and the experience of past clients.

Results may vary depending on your business and how you operate outside of taking this course.

This course provides tips and tricks in regards to SEO and marketing but I highly suggest hiring a marketing manager or SEO expert outside of this course going forward, as SEO changes and new marketing trends form.

 This is not a "get rich quick" course or strategy. Your business and website performance is based on

your own efforts to continue outside this course using the methods and advice given as well as other marketing.

HM Digital Design is not affiliated or responsible for any pricing, fees, policies, regulations or features that Wix offers.


HM Digital Design Prices & Fees

Course fees are non-refundable and subject to change at anytime.


(Only available during the duration of this course. 30 days. Future assistance needed may be subjected to an hourly fee.)


Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Weekends and holidays - closed


I am here to assist with any questions you have, review your website for you, suggest ideas & designs and help guide and/or explain sections of this course.

I don't want you to feel alone and stuck - reach out to me for help!



Due to the high volume of this course and the many participants, I am limited on things I can perform for you.

Please allow 1-2 business days to receive a response after contacting the instructor.

HM Digital Design is also not associated with and has no control or have a say in their policies, procedures, charges and any operations.


Things I unfortunately am unable to do, but not limited to:

  • Design the website for you

  • Create graphics, designs and write content

  • Update and maintain your website outside this course duration

  • Research SEO keywords

  • Control or refund any Wix fees, rules, policies, procedures & operations

I am here to just review and advise :-)

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