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Procreate vs Adobe Sketch - which one is better?

Updated: Apr 11

Procreate is one of the most popular drawing apps for tablets and iPads..... but Adobe has their own drawing app called Adobe Sketch. What's the difference? Which is better? I have both apps and I am here to tell you

What is Procreate?

Procreate is a raster graphics editor and creator app for digital drawings and art. Developed by Savage Interactive, originally released in 2011 for iOS devices.

In 2013 it received an Apple Design Award.

The app specializes in the ability to create beginner and advanced art; from paintings, drawings, vector graphics, photo editing and just about anything you can think to create with an Apple Pencil and your imagination. This app features a HUGE variety of editing options, brush options and transformation tools.

What is Adobe Sketch?

Adobe Sketch is a similar drawing and painting app created by Adobe and was originally released in 2010. This app is also a vector creating app that allows you to draw or paint realistic art; from beginner to advanced. This app is a little more simplified than Procreate. There are less editing options but this app still allows you to create the same kind of art!

Differences, similarities, pros and cons

I've made this graph to show you the main concept differences and similarities of both programs

For BOTH of these apps, you will need a detailed stylus. One that is precise and accurate; not just a cheap one from the dollar store. You need a real studs pencil.

Apple Pencils are expensive and I HIGHLY recommend getting one of those eventually but here are some affordable good options instead that work well too!

My Honest Review


I personally love this app and all it's features. I find a lot of the feature similarities to Adobe Photoshop. This app contains SO many options and customization options for tools and brushes. You can download and install new brushes and fonts or even create your own!

This app can be a bit advanced for someone who is new to digital art and the digital design world.

My favorite features of this app are the many options for transforming your art; meaning the color adjus