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HTML vs CSS Codes - What's the difference?

Updated: Jan 24

If you are new to website coding, you will find this post VERY helpful!

HTML and CSS are scripting languages for websites. These codes are what makes websites and web pages operate the way the do. Links, photos, effects and more! Most web hosts give you a template to use and a drag & drop concept to add your content to your website; all of those actions have codes behind them! Your web host just does that part for you ;-) MOST give you the option to edit this code if you would like though.

So lets learn about these codes so YOU can begin to edit codes to create unique content on your websites and better understand how your website works!


EXAMPLE: <tag> content here</tag>

Creates the content structure of a web page

  • Easier to learn

  • Used properly across all browsers

  • Multiple languages

  • Publishes online documents

  • Best for online forms


EXAMPLE: {property:value}

Modifies and perfects the design and display of HTML codes on web pages.

  • Adapts styles and formats across platforms

  • Better speed for loading pages

  • Supports offline browsing

  • Used on multiple devices

  • Better styles and formats than HTML


  • Commonly used

  • You can us CSS in an HTML code but your CAN NOT use HTML in CSS codes

Wrap Up

Most web hosts now a days create these codes for you, and allow you to edit your website with templates they provide you with. You pick a style and edit it the way they allow you to and it creates the codes for you. This is super helpful but it is good to know a little bit about the codes behind your website. Most web hosts give you the option to edit the code yourself if you'd like.

I encourage you to look at the code on your website to see if you can see the difference between the CSS and HTML codes. Just be careful and DO NOT change anything unless you know how to. Simply deleting a symbol or letter is a huge deal and it CAN effect your entire code and cause it not to work properly.

Extra Resources to Learn More Details of Coding With HTML and CSS

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