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My Favorite Drawing/Graphic Apps - For iPad & Tablets

Updated: Jan 31

If you are an artist or graphic designer.. odds are, you've thought about using your iPad to draw or design? - If so... let me share with you my favorite two apps that I use ALL the time!

(PS: you don't have to be an artist or graphic designer to take advantage of these apps.. keep reading to find out how you can use them too!)

Why draw or create graphics with your iPad or tablet?

These apps are super useful for fun and hobbies like drawing and painting.. but you can use these apps to draw and create graphics for your business also!

I use them to create drawing for fun but also to create graphics and content for my websites; layouts, headers, social media content, books and more!

These apps are have endless uses!

What can you create using these apps?


- Flyers

- Logos

- Layouts

- Packaging

- Business cards

- Printable products

- Blueprints

- Book covers/Pages

- Pins for Pintrest

- Product list photos

- Digital drawing/paintings

....literally anything you want!

So lets get into the apps..

Procreate & Adobe Fresco

There are a few differences in these two apps.. so let me explain some of those first to help you choose which one you'd like to download and use.


PROCREATE - Is a raster image program; this means your artwork is one flat image. This allows you to have fine details like paint brush strokes and other textured details.

This app has SOO many brush options, with the ability to download and install more!

There are ENDLESS possibilities with this program.

This app works best with an iPencil or tablet pen and NOT a regular stylist.

This is because the iPencils are very specific and react very precisely, to create the art work.

You can create any size artwork, documents and graphics.

Save them in multiple file types and even save a time-lapse video of your drawings!

App is in the App Store! :)


Adobe Fresco - this app is a VECTOR image program; unlike RASTER, VECTOR art preserves the layers, enabling your work to be resized to any size, without losing details and getting blurry. You know how when you enlarge a photo, it gets blurry? that's because its a raster image... Vector images do not blur.

This app is useful for artwork for large prints, like car warps and large decals.

The only downside to this app... because your re working with vector images, you can't use small details unless you create a pixel(raster) layer.

BUT this app works about the same as Procreate, with the option to add more brushes and fonts.

I will say, this app is a little more advanced than Procreate, just because its not quite as user friendly in my opinion...

You can still accomplish the same results as Procreate, just not as easy.


Both of these apps are great! I use them both for my businesses!

Both apps can be found in your App Store.

Procreate - $9.99 (one time purchase)

Adobe Fresco - Free to download ($9.99 for all features)

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