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Creating VALUE for your viewers - to "sky rocket" traffic and sales!

Updated: Jan 24

Lets explore the four main ways to create true value for your viewers; to turn them into customers and to drive more traffic to your business! If you don't offer a unique value to your customers, they won't be interested... so let's talk about how to effectively create your business to be of VALUE!

Customers, viewers and clients all want to be VALUED. We all do. We want to know that a business cares about us, their product or service is legit and works and that whatever it is they are offering us is of value to us; helping us in some way or educating us on something we didn't know before... which in returns helps us accomplish something we want to do.

Think about it... when you are shopping for a product or service, would you trust spending your money on something that doesn't offer any kind of value to you? Would you want to spend your money on a service that a business offers if the business doesn't seem to care?

Probably NOT.

With all of this being said... you want to make sure that you show your viewers that your business is of VALUE to them.

How do you do this???

Let me explain :-)


Educate your viewers on your product/service, the benefits, the reason behind it and how to use it. Viewers want to make sure this is something they CAN do, something that isn't hard or complicated to understand. Give them all the knowledge they need to be successful with the product/service.

For example, you wouldn't be interested in buying a product if you had no idea how to use it. It's not worth it to you; or if it's too hard to handle or operate.


Use attractive graphics or funny ads to gain attention. It lightens the mood, doesn't seem like you are forcing the product or service down their throat and it makes your viewer feel better about your business/product/service.

Just like when you are looking into a new business, you want to feel comfortable about their product or service.

This also shows you took more time into those details instead of just saying "this is my product. buy it." And when you take more time into those tiny details, it shows how much you care, how legit you are and that you can be trusted.


Inspiring your viewers is so important! You want to show guidance and care.

Inspire them of a new project that your product can help with or what it can help them create. Inspire them to grow or be better at something.

If your product helps your customers keep their desk organized... show other ways it can help them that they wouldn't be thinking of. Inspire other uses.


Promote your product or service with your heart. Don't just promote them because that's what you're supposed to do... promote it with feeling and meaning! Viewers can tell the difference when you slapped an ad together vs something that took effort and dedication to make.


Basically what all of this article is saying... is to put yourself in your viewers shoes; what would YOU like to see? What would you like to see for a business like this as a customer?

Do you want to see that this business is legit and the owners put a lot of effort and passion into the look and vibe on the business? What would make YOU trust this business?

Its easy to cut corners and skip of little details because you think they don't matter... when you do that, stop and step into the shoes of one of your viewers or customers; what would that look like to them?

What is most important to you, when you are looking to do business with a new company?

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