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Blue Light Glasses - Do they work?

Are they worth it and do they really work?

What are Blue Light Glasses?

They are specially designed glasses to help block the blue light that protects from computer screens, TV screens and mobile devices... really anything with a screen.

This blue light is harmful to our eyes and over time, cause eye problems and vision issues.

Do they work?

(This is personal advice, not medical advice. Please consult a doctor for more in-depth info about these glasses and if they are a right choice for you)

In my opinion, I've used them for a few years now and they have DEFINITELY helped my eyes!

I work on a computer ALL day long... from my full time job at the bank, to my cell phone, to my computer/iPad at home while working on my businesses, editing photos from my photography business and building logos and websites for this business.

Now a days, everyone uses screens everyday; we rely on technology so much now!

Reading ebooks, our jobs, social media, photos... literally everything almost.

By the end of each day, my eyes hurt, they couldn't focus and I always had a headache. Since I started using the blue light glasses, my eye aren't tired and don't hurt at the end of the day!

Where do I get blue light glasses?

Two ways.... Amazon :)

or you can actually get prescribed some from our eye doctors!

I have a few different pair that I've used for the last few years that I got from amazon.. I will link them here :-)

If you are a business owner, it's highly likely that you are also on your phone and computers a lot throughout the day. Definitely look into getting some blue light glasses! The ones I linked from Amazon work wonders!

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