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52 Social Media Posts Ideas - for small businesses trying to grow engagement!

Updated: Jan 24

2022 Idea List for any small business to boost engagement!

Be sure to save this article to reference later when you need ideas!

  1. Tell people who you are; how did you get started

  2. Behind the scenes of what you do

  3. Flashback Friday

  4. Share a WIN or a success story of yours our a client/customers

  5. Host a giveaway

  6. Host a sale

  7. Post a testimonial from a client/customer

  8. What inspired you to create this business/product

  9. Post facts about yourself or your business

  10. Throwback Thursday

  11. Post another article you found that you like or that supports your business/product

  12. Wednesday Wisdom

  13. Highlight a product/service

  14. Tuesday Tip of the day

  15. Motivational Monday

  16. Host an interview with a guest

  17. Re-share older content

  18. Post a sneak peek of something coming soon

  19. Remind people how to book/purchase

  20. Encourage people to sign up for your email list

  21. Share an event you're hosting/attending

  22. Tell people how to get started

  23. Show someone using your product/service

  24. Share something that inspires you

  25. Share your morning routine

  26. Share your favorite Apps that help with your business

  27. Share your favorite resources

  28. Share a podcast that you like

  29. Giveaway a coupon

  30. Host a poll

  31. Ask a question

  32. Share a joke/funny meme

  33. Host a #AMA (Ask Me Anything)

  34. Share industry news

  35. Share a blog post

  36. FAQs

  37. Cool facts

  38. Holiday sales/reminders

  39. Share a tutorial

  40. Post about you

  41. Share your day

  42. Show your workspace

  43. Promote another social platform you have

  44. Share something you struggle with

  45. Before & After

  46. Share a business win

  47. Share what motivates you

  48. This or That

  49. Would you rather...

  50. National day/week/holiday

  51. Shout out a business partner or something that's helped you

  52. Thank you post to clients/customers


Use attractive photos/videos to gain attention to your posts!

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