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5 Things Your Home Page Should Explain - to effectively turn viewers into customers!

Updated: Jan 31

You home page is the STORE FRONT of your business; it's what your viewers see first. You want to make sure it properly explains your business and products so that those viewers turn into customers!

Let explore the five ways to do just that!


You want your homepage to show who you are or who your business is.

When a viewer clicks on your website, one of the first things they are wanting to know is who this person or who this business is; they wanted more information, so they checked on your website to find out! They check it out to see if you are legit and trustworthy.

This being said, make sure you have a statement or overview of you or your business clearly displayed. "Creating a community of love and peace, one customer at a time"

"Capturing memories through the lens."



Have some kind of tagline or short description of your business:

"Portrait Photography"

"Fashion line for women"


These things are important to include especially if your business name is very generic or a name that isn't specific to your business type.

For example, clearly Holly Michelle Photography is a photography business ahah

But if your business name is "Logic".... you'd need to explain what your business is so your viewers know what kind of business you are.


Of course the viewer would need to know where you/your services are located. If you are a local business that offers photography, your viewer would need to know first thing, where you serve; there wouldn't be any point for them to continue booking your services or learning more, if you only serve a few cities in North Carolina... and they are located in Virginia.

Same goes for online businesses; some businesses won't ship to certain areas. So you need to make it clear, the areas which you can ship your products.

Using a tagline could look like...

"Proudly serving the local community of Asheboro, NC"

"Serving the Asheboro neighborhood since 2001"



Include at the footer of your website your address or a little Google Map with your address on the home page somewhere.


Including a section about how your product/services will benefit them; why choose you?

This could look like a small blurb on the homepage under a "Why us?" section or a whole paragraph about why they should trust your business. Ideally you want to keep your home page simple... so if you need a whole paragraph or chose to really explain in detail, have a small blurb on the home page with a "read more" link to a separate page for all of your details.

Give examples of how your product or service will help them and make things easier for them. What value does this product or service bring to them?

"This product will cut your work time in half!"

"By hiring me, I will take care of all your needs so that you have more time for you."

"Relax and breathe knowing that you hired someone that can help!"


This is the section where you can briefly talk about your experience and knowledge.

People want to see that they are hiring or doing business with someone who knows what they are doing. We all want that! When you go to the doctor, would you rather have someone with experience or someone who just started that day? - Not saying we shouldn't give people a chance, everyone is new at some point but it makes you feel better if it's someone that's been doing this a long time haha.

This information could be tagged along with the previous section, how can they benefit from you or your product/service. Depending on the type of business you are running, they can be pretty much one in the same.


Last but not least... you need a place for them to book or proceed to purchase!

Highly recommend putting a "View catalog" or "Book Now" button on the very first part of your page, highlighted and bold.

THEN add another one at the bottom of your home page so when they are done scrolling, they see the button they need to continue without having to scroll back up and search for it.

If its too complicated for the viewer it figure out where to go within the first few seconds, they usually give up and click off your page.

Most viewers come to your website to learn a little it about you but mostly to book or purchase your Product/Service.

On avarge, a viewer is on the home page of a website for about 5seconds. They skim the info and then think "okay lets view the products. How much are the services?" So they need a easy and visible place to do that!

This also includes easy access to contact you; whether that's your social media accounts, email or phone number.

This doesn't have to be super huge on your home page; ideally this would go at the bottom in your footer. That way, it's on every page!


You home page is very important!

Make sure you have all the info your customers would need, an easy place to book/proceed and easy access to your contact information.

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