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Logo Design

1 Full logo

Custom logo design

(Alternate and abbreviated logos available upon request)

PNG file

PNG files are for digital uses; social media content, websites and simple publication printing

High Resolution PDF file

High res. PDF files are for large printing; cars and trailers, buildings and walls.

Other File Types

Available By Request

Color palette with color codes

Main colors used in your logo that make up your brand. The colors codes are used to recreate those colors in content creating programs so all of your colors match your brand.

Logo Design

The Process

 Inquire & Book

Inquiry is made, contract is signed and a 50% deposit is made.

Design process begins!

We will discuss some ideas you have and I will start designing!

 Design previews

You will receive several different sketched design options, where you will be able to review and send feedback on each


 Feedback & changes

Based on your feedback, I will make changes or start a redesign as needed

Finalization & delivery

Yay! You've fallen in love with the logo design we've come up with and now it's time for me finalize it all and send you all of your logo files! 

THAT'S IT! :-)



"How long does this whole process take?"

Total turn around time depends on how long it takes for us to find a design you love. Typically, I will have designs or redesigns sent to you within 2-3 business days. Once we finalize on a design, it then takes about 2-3 business days for me to clean everything up, finalize the design, convert files and send them to you.

"What if I had someone else draw out a design but I just need you to finalize it for me or edit it?"

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, I can not edit or copy a design created by another party. The creator of an art piece is deemed the copyright owner (regardless if this a published artist, business or family friend). I lawfully can not copy or edit their artwork; but we can recreate a new design with the similar concept!

"Can I send you examples of designs or styles I like?"

Of course! Please do! This helps me design the logo you're imagining! :-) Sometimes it's hard to explain your ideas to me, and photo examples help show me what you are looking for.

"Will I be able to print more logo on large items like cars and billboards?"

Yes! All logos will have a High Resolution PDF file. This file type is a layered, vector file; allowing large printing companies to print your logo are large publications like car wraps.

Ready To Get Started?

Recent Work

Vivere alt.png
Untitled_Artwork 32.png
Alt logo png.png
untitled - april 25.png
Untitled - May 12, 2022 21.14_edited.png

Disclosures & Terms

*** A non-refundable deposit of 50% of total service cost is due at the time of booking, before design process can start; per Logo Design Contract 


I can not edit a design another artist created, per copyright laws.

I can recreate the same concept into a new design but I can not edit or copy an existing design created by another party.

Vice versa - I do not lawfully give another party the right to copy or edit a design I create for you. HM Digital Design is the copyright owner of any/all designs; including but not limited to, design previews and final designs.

You will have free usage of the final logo designs; including but not limited to: printing, labeling, publishing & reproducing on publications or content.

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